It’s all about the process


More than 20 years’ experience working with clients of all sizes, industries and locations has shown us that the capacity to routinely derive value from feedback depends on how well individuals and teams are supported to decide on what to do, and then actively participate in doing it. Employee feedback programs don’t create value if people only provide data - they need to participate in the process of making sense of it and then making improvements based on it.

All too often:

  • People are asked what they think (in surveys, discussion groups, town hall meetings, social channels) and then left out of the sense-making and decision-making processes (two distinct things).

  • Managers and leaders either have to come up with a list of improvements based purely on statistical analysis, or to decide on what to do without any consideration of the context in which their teams work.

  • The results of feedback - even if carefully analysed by the most qualified consultants, people geeks or data scientists - remain too vague to actually turn into practical improvements, too onerous to implement given the demands of business-as-usual.

We have seen that employee feedback programs create value when teams are supported with:

  • A shared understanding of what they are doing with feedback and why they are doing it

  • Consideration of workloads, and the real priorities and accountabilities they are working under

  • Meaningful autonomy to act and try things out without having to get them perfect

  • A process to follow which provides a roadmap of the territory and milestones to watch out for

  • A toolkit of tips and techniques for working together that supports the process

Not only that.

Anyone who has been around employee feedback programs for more than a few minutes knows that results often suggest similar themes for improvement.

So, we've refined proven improvement processes that provide the type of support that teams need to act on feedback - the type of support described above. We've turned these into clear, high-impact improvement processes that deliver.

No more action planning sessions and improvement teams full of good will that then go nowhere. Simple, proven processes that deliver improvements from employee feedback.

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