Learn how to unlock value from employee feedback programs

DOJO Learning Packs are our clear and practical guides that help you master the Employee Feedback VALUE chain.

They provide a deep understanding of each Employee Feedback VALUE processes, which combine to unlock maximum value from any employee feedback program.

Each learning pack covers one step in the VALUE chain and covers four processes to help you get better with feedback.

VISION . . .

  • Defining employee feedback stakeholders
  • Identifying employee feedback stakeholder needs and requirements
  • Developing an employee feedback program vision
  • Developing objectives to achieve the employee feedback program vision


  • Defining specific employee feedback product requirements
  • Procuring survey technology and/or consulting providers
  • Developing effective employee survey questionnaires
  • Measuring employee feedback program ROI and stakeholder satisfaction


  • Managing employee engagement listening products
  • Managing employee experience listening products
  • Managing employee performance listening products
  • Managing social listening products


  • Analysing employee feedback data
  • Developing and telling stories using feedback data
  • Effective workshop facilitation
  • Organisational learning using feedback data


  • Giving feedback
  • Receiving feedback
  • Planning improvements based on employee feedback
  • Making improvements based on employee feedback