What Oprah, Obama and Branson told me last week.

Having spent last week at the Qualtrics X4 conference in Salt Lake City, I was lucky enough to hear views and ideas from some of the most prominent people on the planet. Ok, they spoke to me and 10,000 other people in the room, but all of them had learnings that can be translated to the workplace, feedback and making impactful change.


Oprah spoke about creating a vision for action, through being personally very clear about her (and others) intentions. For every plan or action she will ask ‘what’s the intention’? This helps develop an architecture that can both weed out futile ambitions and ensure that every planned action hit the desired mark.


Obama spoke about understanding and the importance of feedback and communication. Whether that be coordinating the raid on Bin Laden, the implementation of Obamacare or communicating the importance of taxes in levelling financial inequality in the world. To solve problems and to aid understanding he "setup a process to figure the thing out with facts, data, and reason".

Richard Branson.

Richard Branson spoke about the evolution of his Virgin brand over his lifetime, from record company to space exploration. One of his key points was about listening to feedback from people, crediting them for their ideas and using their ideas for continuous improvement. Ultimately, his view was to treat people as human beings.

See Richard talk about the importance of feedback here http://bit.ly/2HCZDJ0

So, overall, these amazing speakers talked about being great with feedback. Whether that’s creating a Vision or Architecture for feedback, Listening in the right way, Understanding what others are saying and Evolving based on the feedback. So, creating VALUE.

If you’d like to know more about feedback in terms of the Feedback Works VALUE chain, then check out www.feedback.works.

Sam Dawson